Models and Materials for Systems, Learning and Information Management

Graphics for Thinking and Learning

These materials are to help thinking and learning about systems, databases, management of various sorts and technology in general. The content presented here is for general use and the graphics are designed as supplements to various subjects I have taught or am currently teaching and researching. Diagrams and graphics are generally helpful for taking into account the general system overview of the subject. They are quite graphic, so will tend to reduce mental load and improve learning and memory. When used properly they can help you integrate the key concepts of relevance to the subject in question. Feel free to browse, download, edit your own versions for your own purposes.

Systems Analysis and Design Related Content

Projects and Requirements Rich Picture

Process Modeling

Data Modeling

Database Design Related Content diagrams can be clicked to zoom, and edited for your own use

Overview of Database Design and Management

Lesson 1 Graphic Introduction to DBMS

Lesson 2 Data Modeling (ERDs and RMs)

Lesson 3 Anomalies

3D Graphic for Course Business Scenario 1

Data Modeling Scenario

Supply Chain Management Related Content diagrams can be clicked to zoom, and edited for your own use

Introduction to OM and SCM

Global Environment

Product Design

Process Design

Process Analysis

Layout Design

Inventory Decisions

MRP Materials Resource Planning

SCM and Outsourcing

Just in Time and Lean Production

Quality Decisions